Excellently directed daring debut

This daring, exciting story from northern Sri Lanka convincingly captures the madness in a land where the psychology of war is omnipresent. Three parallel stories deal with the attempts of ordinary village people to lead a normal life in abnormal circumstances.
Through three parallel stories, this excellently directed and daring debut deals with economic and even greater spiritual decay as the result of a civil war lasting more than two decades.
A beautiful village girl falls in love with a soldier. Her father, 45-year-old Muthubanda, finds them making love. When his daughter falls pregnant, Muthubanda is harassed and humiliated by soldiers. He commits suicide and the girl escapes the village. Her guilt and rage push her to do the least expected.
A middle-aged widow takes care of her eight children in a village filled with tension between the army and the Tamil Tigers. She has an affair with a local. Her son catches them in the act. His frustration drives him to something that will change all his siblings overnight.
A thirteen-year-old Tamil girl lives in a village where the battle between the Tamil Tigers and the army is extremely intensive. Tamil forces are conducting active war propaganda in local schools. One night, they break into the girl’s house and demand a huge ransom for her. She chooses to escape.
With few words, this visually highly potent drama touches the core of the war tragedy and the desperate attempts of ordinary people to lead a normal life. But the physical and emotional terror violates human dignity and submerges the society in despondency.
By Ludmila Cvikova / 40th International Film Festival Rotterdam – 2011